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"Rob is an excellent coach! Worked his magic with us and improvements were easily measurable!"

"Highly recommended as a coach within a Primary School setting."

From our fb reviews

“Just to say that since starting with your school tennis club over six months ago our six year old daughter is now well & truly hooked. Last Sunday she was badgering me to play on our local court despite it being late Autumn! But not only that it’s helped her confidence socially being in a school club which crosses year groups. Thank you so much on all levels."

Tim, parent

“It was lovely to see what Lucy and others have been doing, as when we ask it's "I dont remember" 

Lucy was really proud of herself; over breakfast she said how nervous she was. We have really seen her confidence levels starting to grow and I am sure the coaching sessions with yourselves have really helped with this along with other key skills.

I am sure she'll be over for a few sessions throughout the Summer holidays.”

Kay & Andy (parents)

Nick is a legend! I arrive an hour late for my son’s first session and Nick spent an hour of his own time giving my son a lesson by himself. Isaac said it was awesome and absorbed Nick’s teachings. I cannot thank Nick enough for giving his time knowing what it would do for Isaac top man!

Tanya, parent

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Testimonials | T&Cs: Testimonials
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